I'm Emily–my greatest passion in life is bringing people together, and never without food. Curating charcuterie boards for parties began as a creative outlet. After realizing how tricky it can be to put together the perfect platter while hosting an event, I decided to make it easier than ever to get gorgeous charcuterie boards + cones delivered to your door!  

welcome charcuterie lovers!

As well as having friends with specific diets, I've tried everything from vegan, vegetarian, to paleo, so I know how important it is for every person to be able to join the fun when it comes to food. That's why I've included a board for everyone on our menu!

serving every person

We all know food can make or break a party–our boards are guaranteed to be a show stopper at your next special occasion, date night, birthday, business event, or just because. 

elevate your

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We can't wait to create a gorgeous + delicious platter for you! Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance. We offer complimentary delivery contact-free anywhere in Fort Collins, Colorado (deliveries outside FC will acquire a $.75/mile fee).


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"I'm so thankful Plentiful Platters could do our charcuterie board for Valentine's Day. What a special way to celebrate with the love of my life."

Sarah Springer

"We went to Italy last year as a family + a Tuscan theme was so fun for the kids! So so yummy. I wanted to take a picture but my family literally devoured it within 15 minutes! It was such a fun surprise for them."

Mackenzie Vanata

"Everything on our platter was really good quality, and the display was SO beautiful!! Charcuterie boards are hard work, and it's hard not to over spend while getting a good mix of things when you do it yourself. I would totally suggest this for a dinner party, date night, girls night, or poker night!"

Brooke Bailey

"I loved the board + it was such a special way for us to have a date night in! The platter was so pretty + fancy."

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